What Information will I Need?

Simple Straight Forward Process

To help you prepare for your cremation arrangements, we have included a list of information that you will need to have at the time of arrangement. We have also included below a notification form for you to advise your nursing home or aged care facility that Brisbane Cremation will care for your Loved One at the time of their passing.

Most of the information below is used to complete the Death Registration with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State where the death occurred.

Information about your Loved One

  • Full Name – first, middle and surname and maiden name (if applicable)
  • Address Details – current or most recent residential address of your Loved One
  • Birth Details – date of birth, place of birth (if born outside of Australia, you will also need to know the town and country of birth and what year they first arrived in Australia)
  • Death Details – date of death, place of death
  • Cultural or Religious Considerations – did you Loved One have any religious beliefs or cultural requirements that need to be considered?
  • Cremation Wishes – did you Loved One make their wishes to be cremated known?
  • Objections – would anyone have an objection to your Loved One being cremated?
  • Medical Devices – does your Loved One have a Pacemaker, Electronic Stimulator or any other battery operated device that was surgically implanted? (any devices that contain a battery are not able to cremated, so if required, our highly trained team will remove these at no cost)
  • Cremation Risks – had your Loved One received any radiation treatments in the 28 days prior to their passing?
  • Doctor’s Information – who is your Loved Ones regular doctor and their contact details.
  • Physical Information – approximate height and weight of your Loved One.

Information about your Loved Ones Family

  • Parents Details – full name of both parents (if applicable and known) and their occupations
  • Marriage Details – details of all marriages, where the marriage took place, full name of their spouse and how old your Loved One was at the time of marriage. Unfortunately QLD legislation does not allow for relationships that are not Marriages or Registered Relationships to appear on an official death certificate.
  • Children’s Details – first and middle name, date of birth and age of all biological children. Unfortunately QLD legislation does not allow for children that are not biological children of the deceased to appear on an official death certificate. Adopted children are considered to be biological children.

Information on Who to Contact When A Loved One Passes Away

Knowing who to contact following the death of a loved one can be daunting. We have prepared a comprehensive guide of who to contact that you can download here.

Aged Care / Nursing Home Notification Form

Notifying Aged Care and Nursing Homes of your Funeral Director is a simple and easy way to ensure that there is no confusion when the time comes for us to bring your Loved One into our care. To make this simple and straight forward, we have created a simple Notification Form for our families to provide to their Aged Care or Nursing Home. Simply include your family members name and provide this to your facility for safe keeping.